Meet the Staff: Silverpeppef




Name: SilverPeppef
Aliases: Silver, Bio Admin, Bane of Egon
Likes: Donations to the site, People who follow directions.
Dislikes: Idiots who argue pointlessly, Unnecessary work.

About: I’m Silver, the Bio Admin. I’ve been with TRPS since S8, whenever that was. I’m some kind of money wizard that lives in the most barren of wastelands, according to Egon. I really don’t care to let most of my life be known to you all, but suffice to say that I do enjoy TRPS as a whole and I really will only go full hatred on you if you really fuck up. Other than that, my default mood is frustrated spite, I own my own business so if I don’t get around to whatever I should be dealing with that’s why, and I stopped caring about my age once I was able to drink legally.

Oh yea, I’m the one who usually pushes for donations to TRPS so that Egon doesn’t have to foot the bill to run the whole damn thing himself. (Even though he and I fight over who pays for lunch when we see each other.)

If you need something from me, just ask. Fair warning, I may say no to your requests though.

Welcome to TRPS.

Meet the Staff: Egon




Hey there,

My names Egon. Well rather that’s my screenname of choice. I am the creator of TRPS. I’ve been running TRPS since before it was called TRPS, back when it was VPCRP, and even further back when it was just a group of kids roleplaying in the Virtupets Chat of neopets. All and all versions of TRPS have been around since I was 13. So 17 years. The RP Site as The RP Site name has been existing since 11/11/04. That makes the site 14 years old with only two hiatus’ during its history. The current two year Hiatus and a prior 1 year Hiatus. So needless to say the sites been a huge part of my life as I have grown up.

But the site is just a hobby, it’ll never make any money because as Silver says I’m too damn nice and have no business sense. So in that real world I’ve had a variety of jobs, I’ve worked retail, I was a private investigator for a bit, I worked in a call center, I’ve been a Night Auditor at both a tourist trap and very high end hotel, and now I’m an accountant. I’m a college dropout as well. As most of my posts show I have depression issues and don’t have a high opinion of myself, that said I truly do believe in the site and my goal in life is to help people with my writing the same way writing has helped me at my darkest points.

I was born in Madison Wisconsin with club foot. They attempted to fix it with casting and a few surgeries when I was a smol baby. Eventually when I was in my teens it roared its ugly head again and I was suddenly back in the hospital for three surgeries over three years trying to fix it. During that time I was in a dark place but between finding the joy of videogames, and the joys of writing, a song kept coming on the oldies channel that truly inspired me. It was Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler and it served as the inspiration for TRPS at its most core form. Listening to that song and occasionally calling into the radio station to request it (bite me people I’m old IPods on repeat were not a thing back then and I was in the hospital so it's not like I could pop out for a CD) I started building the world of Delanith. Shortly after that I came up with my first roleplay character Rasputin, then I created a character based off the song itself made to embody it as much as I could, Egon. From there I started RPing on the Virtupets Chat of Neopets. Then I created a site with two other guys Magick and Izzy called VPCRP but I didn’t like the forum software they picked so I created a new site called The RP Site hoping to someday get non-neopetters to join us. They put certain restrictions on my settings and eventually they left due to various issues. At that point I continued working under their restrictions but brought on more and more staff and eventually rebooted the site into S2 after a year. We got rid of all unoriginal characters and put more emphasis on a bio system. Eventually at the end of S2 start of S3 I was interviewed by CBS about violence in videogames and its effects on children and the site blew up and got popular. And slowly year after year, server after server, the site became as you see it now.

But I digress this is supposed to be about my boring ass self not a history of the site. So I’m an accountant living in Oregon. I’m forever single. I flirt with everyone but I very rarely mean it. My heart was stolen by someone I have no chance with for various reasons so now I just kinda act like a flirty perverted idiot whenever I can. Hopefully I don’t die alone but who knows I’m 30 and have never had a girlfriend. On the plus side you never have to worry about me not working on the site because I’m on a date. So to recap, 30, Single, Oregon, Accountant. Yeah that’s about me. I’m pretty boring. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I have never done drugs, I have no piercings or tattoos. I’m about as vanilla as a human can get. The rest of the staff is way more interesting than I am so I won’t waste anymore of your time you could be spending reading there profiles.

It’s a pleasure to be your head admin, I hope you enjoy your time on the blog and eventually the site.



PS: Here's me after work today working on this entry.




Ignore the tired man. Ignore him.

A Brief History and Explanation of Dopples


A Brief History and Explanation of Dopples.

By I.C. Snipes.

You are walking in the woods, there’s no one around and your radio is dead, out of the corner of your eye you spot him. It’s you. He’s following you about 30 feet back, you turn to look at him and he seems to fade back into the woods. You flee in terror thinking you just saw an omen of death but in reality you just have encountered one of the most misunderstood races in Delanith the Dopples. No one quite knows how long they’ve been around but some believe they predate the Merge. I’ve been studying Dopples most of my adult life as their mysteries fascinate me and unlike that hack Dunmark I would not have published this paper unless I felt I had touched on some of the truth to their mysteries.

Let's start with their history. Dopples first became known without a doubt to the world three years after the merge. During a random patrol of Discord City a few soldiers stumbled upon a general within the side of magic just calmly strolling down the street. They immediately detained him as they had been engaged in a battle with him outside the cities walls and they were shocked he had managed to secretly enter. Much to their surprise the commander returned to the battlefield the next day while they still had him in their prison. After copious amounts of torture without the commander in bondage speaking a word he mysteriously escaped. It wasn’t until they saw the security footage and saw him shift into his natural form and then into that of a guard in order to stroll out the front that they knew they were dealing with a completely different race. A being completely unknown to them. It set off panic in both sides of the war once the discovery was made public. Apparently despite appearances the side of magic wasn’t intentionally using Dopples. That combined with the fact the general that was being impersonated fell in battle and died the very day of the Dopples escape was taken as a bad omen. Ever since then Dopples have been mistreated as spies or omens of death. However the truth of this race appears to be something completely different.

So what is a Dopple, and what is their true form you ask? A dopples true form is a humanoid, featureless, silhouette of pure white, black, grey, or a variety of colors. They have two black circles that seem to absorb the light around them where their eyes should be. However it is exceedingly rare for them to be seen in this form as without a mouth to speak they cannot communicate, however they do seem to be able to observe the world around them as the dopples that can control their transformations usually base them around someone in their immediate surroundings. Dopples can transform into any type of person or race of a size similar to themselves. As far as I can tell Dopples abilities to transform greatly change from Dopple to Dopple. Some have no control over their transformations and randomly swap based on mood or are constantly shifting features. Others seem to only be able to mirror people around them. And some even seem to have complete mastery not only being able to transform at control into anyone they’ve seen before but control their features to make their own ideal selves. Most Dopples I’ve managed to discover have limited control of their abilities to change form and are sometimes unaware they even look like others. I once met a dopple that had unconsciously copied me, it was odd because I could see a faint glow around his silhouette and it felt wrong to me. Like something had crawled into my skin and grabbed my heart but once I got over this initial gut reaction I had a chance to speak with a young, well I’m not sure if dopples have gender, but it felt like a young man. He was polite, friendly, and very intelligent. We spoke at length about his self identity issues. Apparently he’s only met a handful of dopples himself in his life however he knew he was born to a human mother who had apparently had sex with a dopple at some point in her life. It was a shock to her that he was born a dopple and he was quickly abandoned as a monster but was taken in by a nice older woman who helped him come to terms with himself. He couldn’t really control his power he would just shift into the form of people near him he was interested in or interested in understanding. He said he was chased out of many cities and villages because of his abilities and peoples fear of him. I could sense no ill will from him however so I invited him to stay on as my research assistant and he has been one of the most helpful I have ever known.

In his natural form he has almost no body heat however his organs seem similar to that of a human. I’m not sure if this is because of his human mother or if dopples are an offshoot of human evolution. I have had him switch into a variety of people however it seems no matter how many times he’s switched he can never fully control who he switches into, and his physical abilities do not change. Of course this may be different for other dopples as I’ve heard of dopples that can mimic people's powers, abilities, and completely control their shift but my assistant at least seems to have never gained that skill.

Dopples to me are a tragic misunderstood race. They seem to grapple strongly with identity issues, a sense of self, and a place to belong. I would like to invite any dopple reading this to come have a pot of tea with me and a long discussion about your life. To those who are not dopples reading this please do not treat them with fear and disgust they are people just like us. My assistant transformed into me many times over the last two years and my health is fine. They are not an omen of death, they are not spies or monsters, they are humans like beings, with human desires that are tragic creatures who can’t seem to control their own bodies. To me it seems like being a dopple would be a never ending horror show where you fought against your own body, but to my assistant he seems happy and treats it as nothing more than a minor inconvenience. I wish I had his strength some days. I hope this has shed some light on one of our world's most mysterious, rarest, and most misunderstood races.

Ichabod C. Snipes.




Tips For Dopples

  • Dopples are an interesting race that can really vary based off the player. Most Dopples will need to invest at least a minor ability into shifting unless they completely don't have control over their powers at which point plot staff will be able to step in and randomly shift you however they please. So as a tip at least spend a minor on getting some sort of ability to shift even if its just they can shift once a week into an ideal self or a combination of features they've seen recently.
  • A nice weakness for Dopples is they glow in the presence of someone they are duplicating. It's from the lore of dopplegangers themselves and just seems fascinating to me.
  • Dopples tend to have at least one personality disorder stemming from the circumstances that form as they grow up. 


Final Notes

coming eventually.

Doctor Green's Creations


Dr Green’s Creations

Transcript taken from an introduction Argos Grim gave new members of the Greenie Liberation Front.

Listen up pups,

My name is Argos. You can all call me Argy; most people around here do. I know know how wet behind the ears all of you are, but let me tell you about our creator Doctor Victor Green. Most people respect and admire their creators, but our sadistic monster of a creator can fuck right off. I don’t know if you’re a first generation or a fifth generation Greenie, Lycan, or Abom, but, I can tell you, those of us first generations were seriously fucked up by that sadist. Doctor Green has been around since before the merge; I’m fairly certain he’s some kind of immortal devil sent to punish all of humanity. I, personally, was kidnapped out of my bed at age five by project justice and turned into a lab rat at that man's hands. He spliced my genetic material with a dogs and I became what you see before you.

Doctor Green was a man born in the world of science before the merge; he created the most popular pet of the day Bunnys. And, after his genetic creation hit the shelves and became popular, he was contracted by the government. Rumors say he lost his wife and unborn children and that he originally came up with the Bunnys for around that time. He threw himself into his research and when the government wanted to create new soldiers to deal with and keep secret the magic that seemed to have seeped into their world, he was more than happy to oblige them. The government kept him busy with a near endless supply of test subjects and he created the core two races we know today: the Greenies and the Lycanthropes, occasionally creating the odd Abomination as his research went awry. Meanwhile, in the background as time passed and magic seeped into the living things in the world, his research moved more and more smoothly, and his Bunnys became warped turning from pets into the most populous monster in the world. Eventually, the government broke down, shattered and the war was lost. However, Green never stopped his research and his creating us. Eventually, he found a new benefactor in Zeus of Project Justice who needed mindless soldiers for his cause of unifying Discord city under his rule. Green didn’t care as long as it meant more test subjects. So, they were a match made in hell. That is the type of man our creator is. He’s not a merciful God of creation; he is a madman who cares about nothing but selfishly experimenting on as many people as he can to create whatever he pleases. And that’s why we the Greenie Liberation Front exist, to free our brethren - all our brethren be them Greenie, Lycanthrope, or even Abomination - from the hands of Project Justice and Doctor Green. Let me break down his creations, you and your fellow brethren, in detail for you.

First of all his prized children, his first creations, that he began to make after he finished creating Bunny’s and started dabbling with humans, the Lycanthropes. Lycanthropes can transition between human and animal forms. Some have a human, animal, and heterozygous form. Some only have two of them Human and Beast, Heterozygous and Beast, or Human and Heterozygous. I say human, but as some of you know he has experimented with turning non human races into his creations as well with some rare successes. Lycanthropes have been created of many different animals, monsters, and creatures. Certain Lycanthropes, like werewolves, have become so prevalent that they have tribes and villages of them out there in the world. After all, for the most part a child of a human and a lycanthrope are born a lycanthrope. I’m sure some of you in this crowd are third or even eighth generation lycanthropes. He’s been making them for over 300 years after all. Lycanthropes have been considered lucky by others of his creations - the Greenies and the Abominations - as they can pass for human, well most of them can. Thanks to that we use them as spies among the more human oriented groups as well as within Project Justice to try and take down Green who hides among them creating soldiers.

Second, are his creations the Heterozygous which we just call Greenies cause that’s one hell of a mouthful. Greenies are half human-half animals like me. We look humanoid, but have animal features to some degree. For example: my fur and face look like that of a dogs’, but I walk upright on two legs. I do have fangs and claws in my muzzle and on my fingers but I am still human inside, at least that's just how I feel. Some Greenies are lucky like I was and get to keep their mind and are only slightly controlled by their instincts. Others are less lucky, either controlled by instinct or brainwashed by Project Justice into soldiers. The most famous Greenies I can think of are the group of mice and rat greenies that - not only escaped - but created their own village where they work together and live in harmony. It was so embarrassing that I’ve heard Green has never made a mouse or rat greenie since. As I look over the crowd here, I can see a vast variety of different Greenies. We truly come in all shapes and sizes: some of you have skin, some fur, some scales, some have human faces, others faces like mine, more in tune with our inner beast. Those of you who were born a greenie are special and lucky in a way you never knew what it was like to have those horrible experiments performed on you that made you something other than what you were before. It warms my heart to see future generations of us who didn’t have to go through that horror. He’s been making Greenies for over 300 years as well. We may not be able to transform as our Lycanthrope brethren and he might have thought of us as mindless grunts, but we are truly people and living creatures and he will regret underestimating us in such a way. One day, I hope Green feels my fangs at his very throat and I can watch the light drain out of his eyes the way he watched my will to live drain out of my eyes as he performed his inhumane experiments on me.

Sorry I got dark there for a moment…

Last, but not least, we have his third creations, the ones he refers to as Abominations. Abominations are the Doctor’s mistakes. People created when his tried and true methods go horribly awry, either from some dormant gene in their DNA or carelessness on his part I have no idea, but they run the gamut from mindless brutes that live off blood and chaos to peaceful creatures who have a monsterous outward experience. Their appearances normally are humanoid but in some cases they can be barely humanoid as well; I’ve seen ones that are just bulging muscles covered in light grey fur that looked like a roided out super soldier. When I first met him, my tail went between my legs and I instinctively feared him, but once I met him I learned he was a gentle soul who collected and tamed bunnies so that he could pet them gently. Sadly, the experiments fried his brain and he was basically as mentally mature as a five year old. He lives with us now and tends a garden in the underground. Just be gentle and kind with him if you meet him. We call him Lenny. On the other hand, I’ve met one that was spliced with an octopus and he was a roving machine of madness hell bent on destroying the village we discovered him in. Sadly, we had to kill him, but there was not much of the man inside left in him. The light of sanity tends to be dim in the eyes of the Abominations but, never judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve heard rumors of one that looks like a beast of a man, but his eyes are that of a cold, calculating genius. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I don’t know if I would want to shake the hand of a man who kept himself under that horrible procedure that created him, or run in fear of what it might have turned him into. A side note, not all Abominations are created by Green. Rarely - very, very rarely - an Abomination may be born to a Greenie or Lycanthrope parent. But, most of the time, our animal instincts kick in and we kill the creature before it has a chance to become a danger to us.

Those are the three humanoid races this mad scientist has created within the world. Rumors are he has other offshoots of research, but as far as we know, the only four types of creatures he created enough of to be considered races are Lycanthropes, Heterozygous, Abominations, and of course the most common of monsters, Bunny’s that he created as a pet before the merge. Yes I know some Bunnies can be intelligent and learn to speak but I don’t consider them a true race like us so I will not waste the effort to speak of them here. With that I welcome you all as brothers in arms in the Greenie Liberation Front with the goal of freeing more of our brothers and sisters from the bondage of Project Justice, Doctor Green, and his current benefactor the ruler of Project Justice, Zeus.

May our pack run strong and meet our goal of true freedom!


Tips for Greenies

  • coming eventually


Tips for Lycanthropes

  • coming eventually


Tips for Abominations

  • coming eventually


Final Notes

coming eventually

Meet the Staff: Squiggles



Hello, am Squiggles [ahahaha i'm changing my username again fight me]. Eggo threatened us staffmonkeys with unspeakable, wholly indecent things if we didn't write up a profile for ourselves, so here goes!

Those of you who were around during S8-9 might know me as Elroen or Captain Mittens. The one person who disappeared for extended periods of time and occasionally did marginally useful things. In the past couple years of non-staffing, I also disappeared for an extended period of time and occasionally did marginally useful things. I'm nothing if not consistent, after all. In any case, I'm gonna be here as [actually not sure yet. i'm up for pretty much any of the staff categories, though] for this server!

Now. I'm sure all of you are waiting with bated breath for juicy details about me, and, alas, I'm contractually obligated to provide them. So. By day I'm a meek, mild-mannered reporter by the name of Clark Ken- wait no that's a copyrighted character i'm sorry don't throw me in the dungeon again.

Myes. All kidding aside, I'm a former college student, having now moved on to planning for world domination. And working in the kitchen of a nearby food place, probably. I like romantic candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. Also, hats. I have way too many of them. Gonna need someone to stage an intervention at some point. To eggo's probable dismay, I'm a horrible weeb-type person, and spend probably too much of my time watching japanese cartoons. The trashier the better. When I'm not a hopeless excuse for a human being, I also cook a lot, draw bad arts, and hunt down people to play board games with me.

I'm here because trps is generally just great. I tried a couple times to find a place with the same kind of atmosphere and community to it, and failed. It's pretty darn unique, and seeing it come back again is exciting, so I'm gonna be doing my best not to be as much of a disappointment as it does! :')

Anyways, since we were told that we could include other things, I'm gonna go plug some of the things I like now. Please comment on how bad my taste is in exhaustive detail :>
Webcomics. Several of them. xkcd for the dork content, OotS for the grand stick-figure epic, and Girl Genius for actually being amazing in basically every way. Go read all of them, in their entirety.
Books. Basically everything Pat Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson have put out. Also Scott Lynch. Gentlemen Bastards is one of those series that, pardon the tired expression, I wasn't able to put down.
[s]Weeb shit[/s] anime. Specifically, madoka magica. Even though it's almost too cutesy at times, it has a really great blend of action and slice-of-life stuff. And Kyoko is my spirit animal, probably.

So yes. That's me. Feel free to send questions, comments and hate mail my way. But really the only last one of those.


Meet the Staff: Mellow-Cello



It’s my goddamn face, are you happy Egon?

For those of you who don’t remember me, I was Digitalians but I’m now Mellow-Cello, or Mel (or Cel, or Digi, or Carl, or Chibi McNuggets, or Casper the friendly ghost, or-). I’m 20 years old (which will be incorrect in a few months, but that’s fine) and I joined TRPS during S9 and was a part of the group for a little while before falling off the face of the planet temporarily. When I came back, the site was down and when I heard that it was going to be delayed, I figured I’d hop back on and see if I can help.

For the last two years, I’ve been trying to get my AA (which I’ll be getting at the end of this semester). I have a new girlfriend and have since moved in with her. I realized I’m asexual which, y’know, is pretty cool I suppose. I’ve gotten into a D&D campaign with some friends. I’ve quit my job (finally). Yup, that’s about it, my life isn’t exceptionally exciting I suppose.

As far as staff goes, I suppose I’ll hop into whatever is needed, but if nothing’s needed in particular, I figured I could do community staff? Those are kind of my top two right now, but we shall see. I’m adaptable.

General info time! I aspire to make stories, whether it’s through games, comics, books, or really anything at all. If I could do anything, I’d be an online content creator, but I’m getting my B.A. in computer science because that is the most practical thing I could think of. I quit my job about a month and a half ago after management changed and we were left with the worst manager in charge. I have been trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with myself since and I suppose that’s how I ended up getting nostalgic and ending up back here. I draw, I write, I play piano, I make games that are pretty glitchy and simple so far. I sleep too much, and have two amazing cats and am getting a snake soon. I also have a deep-rooted love of theatre that is ever-present, even when I haven’t interacted with it in years. And… that’s basically it. I’m a simple person.

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