Happy March 7th everyone!


As you can all see the previous email was not a hoax; the site did in fact not launch when I said it wouldn't. I know at least one of you emailed me asking if it was an early April fools joke. We had quite a positive response: a few of you sent me letters that warmed my heart, four of you joined staff taking us up to 16! Woooo! Some of you applied for staff but, unfortunately I turned you down. For that, I am sorry. You are all valued community members but, as desperate as I am, I want to be picky when I can be even if it means taking the time to make sure everything is done right. Only two of you emailed me back with messages along the lines of ‘wait what is TRPS?’ which was nice. No hate mail so far. Fingers crossed that keeps up. And somehow, the Russians found us so don't click any links that are in Russian in the comments. Odds are it’s not Rasputin posting from Noctum. Odds are it’s actual Russians and the links do not look safe.


So, I didn't actually make this to just ramble about my emails, I wanted to let you guys know a bit more about this blog and what’s going on with it. Our wonderful 16 staff members are all hard at work making staff introduction posts. I will be sharing one of those each Wednesday and Friday until I run out of staff. Then, Emmy will take over those days with stuff about community or some such thing. We will cross that bridge when we get there in 8 weeks. So far 5 of our glorious staff have submitted profiles to me, and I haven't even started my own one yet. For shame Egon, for shame. So that's just the losers dumb enough to work for me. What about the good stuff: the lore, the mythos, the news?! Well, I am hoping to be able to publish at least one new mythos entry every weekend. If I am feeling particularly energetic, I'll do one Saturday and Sunday. Right now, I'm still pretty drained after work on the weekdays so it takes most of my energy just catching up with the staff chat and answering all their questions. I might bring over docs I make up for them eventually with beauties like: ‘What Are the Responsibilities of Plot Staff’ and other such boring and dry things I get to write for them.


Maybe, I'll make one of the staff members on community staff have the job of jazzing up documents I write for them for you guys, like the list of staffs and what they do. Where'd that Cow Goddess Emrinne get off to? I can't hear her bell so she must be standing still somewhere. I'm onto you Emmy!



Oh well, I'll find her eventually; she can't have gotten far. Anyway, I appreciate all the emails. And, I promise you I'll keep doing my best and try not to end up in too many more positions when I write with my B Game after work like this. Ya'll know you love it when I ramble like an idiot though, just not in the mythos.


Well I will leave you with love and a surprise ‘Meet the Staff’ blog right after this starting the cascade of all 16 staff - plus more, if we end up with more staff - blogs over the next 8 weeks. I hope you’re as excited as I am.