It’s my goddamn face, are you happy Egon?

For those of you who don’t remember me, I was Digitalians but I’m now Mellow-Cello, or Mel (or Cel, or Digi, or Carl, or Chibi McNuggets, or Casper the friendly ghost, or-). I’m 20 years old (which will be incorrect in a few months, but that’s fine) and I joined TRPS during S9 and was a part of the group for a little while before falling off the face of the planet temporarily. When I came back, the site was down and when I heard that it was going to be delayed, I figured I’d hop back on and see if I can help.

For the last two years, I’ve been trying to get my AA (which I’ll be getting at the end of this semester). I have a new girlfriend and have since moved in with her. I realized I’m asexual which, y’know, is pretty cool I suppose. I’ve gotten into a D&D campaign with some friends. I’ve quit my job (finally). Yup, that’s about it, my life isn’t exceptionally exciting I suppose.

As far as staff goes, I suppose I’ll hop into whatever is needed, but if nothing’s needed in particular, I figured I could do community staff? Those are kind of my top two right now, but we shall see. I’m adaptable.

General info time! I aspire to make stories, whether it’s through games, comics, books, or really anything at all. If I could do anything, I’d be an online content creator, but I’m getting my B.A. in computer science because that is the most practical thing I could think of. I quit my job about a month and a half ago after management changed and we were left with the worst manager in charge. I have been trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with myself since and I suppose that’s how I ended up getting nostalgic and ending up back here. I draw, I write, I play piano, I make games that are pretty glitchy and simple so far. I sleep too much, and have two amazing cats and am getting a snake soon. I also have a deep-rooted love of theatre that is ever-present, even when I haven’t interacted with it in years. And… that’s basically it. I’m a simple person.