Hello, am Squiggles [ahahaha i'm changing my username again fight me]. Eggo threatened us staffmonkeys with unspeakable, wholly indecent things if we didn't write up a profile for ourselves, so here goes!

Those of you who were around during S8-9 might know me as Elroen or Captain Mittens. The one person who disappeared for extended periods of time and occasionally did marginally useful things. In the past couple years of non-staffing, I also disappeared for an extended period of time and occasionally did marginally useful things. I'm nothing if not consistent, after all. In any case, I'm gonna be here as [actually not sure yet. i'm up for pretty much any of the staff categories, though] for this server!

Now. I'm sure all of you are waiting with bated breath for juicy details about me, and, alas, I'm contractually obligated to provide them. So. By day I'm a meek, mild-mannered reporter by the name of Clark Ken- wait no that's a copyrighted character i'm sorry don't throw me in the dungeon again.

Myes. All kidding aside, I'm a former college student, having now moved on to planning for world domination. And working in the kitchen of a nearby food place, probably. I like romantic candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. Also, hats. I have way too many of them. Gonna need someone to stage an intervention at some point. To eggo's probable dismay, I'm a horrible weeb-type person, and spend probably too much of my time watching japanese cartoons. The trashier the better. When I'm not a hopeless excuse for a human being, I also cook a lot, draw bad arts, and hunt down people to play board games with me.

I'm here because trps is generally just great. I tried a couple times to find a place with the same kind of atmosphere and community to it, and failed. It's pretty darn unique, and seeing it come back again is exciting, so I'm gonna be doing my best not to be as much of a disappointment as it does! :')

Anyways, since we were told that we could include other things, I'm gonna go plug some of the things I like now. Please comment on how bad my taste is in exhaustive detail :>
Webcomics. Several of them. xkcd for the dork content, OotS for the grand stick-figure epic, and Girl Genius for actually being amazing in basically every way. Go read all of them, in their entirety.
Books. Basically everything Pat Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson have put out. Also Scott Lynch. Gentlemen Bastards is one of those series that, pardon the tired expression, I wasn't able to put down.
[s]Weeb shit[/s] anime. Specifically, madoka magica. Even though it's almost too cutesy at times, it has a really great blend of action and slice-of-life stuff. And Kyoko is my spirit animal, probably.

So yes. That's me. Feel free to send questions, comments and hate mail my way. But really the only last one of those.