Hey there,

My names Egon. Well rather that’s my screenname of choice. I am the creator of TRPS. I’ve been running TRPS since before it was called TRPS, back when it was VPCRP, and even further back when it was just a group of kids roleplaying in the Virtupets Chat of neopets. All and all versions of TRPS have been around since I was 13. So 17 years. The RP Site as The RP Site name has been existing since 11/11/04. That makes the site 14 years old with only two hiatus’ during its history. The current two year Hiatus and a prior 1 year Hiatus. So needless to say the sites been a huge part of my life as I have grown up.

But the site is just a hobby, it’ll never make any money because as Silver says I’m too damn nice and have no business sense. So in that real world I’ve had a variety of jobs, I’ve worked retail, I was a private investigator for a bit, I worked in a call center, I’ve been a Night Auditor at both a tourist trap and very high end hotel, and now I’m an accountant. I’m a college dropout as well. As most of my posts show I have depression issues and don’t have a high opinion of myself, that said I truly do believe in the site and my goal in life is to help people with my writing the same way writing has helped me at my darkest points.

I was born in Madison Wisconsin with club foot. They attempted to fix it with casting and a few surgeries when I was a smol baby. Eventually when I was in my teens it roared its ugly head again and I was suddenly back in the hospital for three surgeries over three years trying to fix it. During that time I was in a dark place but between finding the joy of videogames, and the joys of writing, a song kept coming on the oldies channel that truly inspired me. It was Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler and it served as the inspiration for TRPS at its most core form. Listening to that song and occasionally calling into the radio station to request it (bite me people I’m old IPods on repeat were not a thing back then and I was in the hospital so it's not like I could pop out for a CD) I started building the world of Delanith. Shortly after that I came up with my first roleplay character Rasputin, then I created a character based off the song itself made to embody it as much as I could, Egon. From there I started RPing on the Virtupets Chat of Neopets. Then I created a site with two other guys Magick and Izzy called VPCRP but I didn’t like the forum software they picked so I created a new site called The RP Site hoping to someday get non-neopetters to join us. They put certain restrictions on my settings and eventually they left due to various issues. At that point I continued working under their restrictions but brought on more and more staff and eventually rebooted the site into S2 after a year. We got rid of all unoriginal characters and put more emphasis on a bio system. Eventually at the end of S2 start of S3 I was interviewed by CBS about violence in videogames and its effects on children and the site blew up and got popular. And slowly year after year, server after server, the site became as you see it now.

But I digress this is supposed to be about my boring ass self not a history of the site. So I’m an accountant living in Oregon. I’m forever single. I flirt with everyone but I very rarely mean it. My heart was stolen by someone I have no chance with for various reasons so now I just kinda act like a flirty perverted idiot whenever I can. Hopefully I don’t die alone but who knows I’m 30 and have never had a girlfriend. On the plus side you never have to worry about me not working on the site because I’m on a date. So to recap, 30, Single, Oregon, Accountant. Yeah that’s about me. I’m pretty boring. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I have never done drugs, I have no piercings or tattoos. I’m about as vanilla as a human can get. The rest of the staff is way more interesting than I am so I won’t waste anymore of your time you could be spending reading there profiles.

It’s a pleasure to be your head admin, I hope you enjoy your time on the blog and eventually the site.



PS: Here's me after work today working on this entry.




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