Name: SilverPeppef
Aliases: Silver, Bio Admin, Bane of Egon
Likes: Donations to the site, People who follow directions.
Dislikes: Idiots who argue pointlessly, Unnecessary work.

About: I’m Silver, the Bio Admin. I’ve been with TRPS since S8, whenever that was. I’m some kind of money wizard that lives in the most barren of wastelands, according to Egon. I really don’t care to let most of my life be known to you all, but suffice to say that I do enjoy TRPS as a whole and I really will only go full hatred on you if you really fuck up. Other than that, my default mood is frustrated spite, I own my own business so if I don’t get around to whatever I should be dealing with that’s why, and I stopped caring about my age once I was able to drink legally.

Oh yea, I’m the one who usually pushes for donations to TRPS so that Egon doesn’t have to foot the bill to run the whole damn thing himself. (Even though he and I fight over who pays for lunch when we see each other.)

If you need something from me, just ask. Fair warning, I may say no to your requests though.

Welcome to TRPS.