Hey guys, I'm Emmy/Emrinne/Em.
I'm the community admin and Egon's good twin. I got the dick, he got the boobs ... or was that the other way around?

TRPS is new to me, Egon has been catching me up over the past year or so while we were managing a community together. Some people there are still convinced that we are in fact the same person, even though I am way cooler. Afterwards they often mistake me for the evil twin, until I break out the whip and chains, then they die from pleasure.

Joking aside, I like to help people and have a very diplomat-type personality. One thing I really admire about TRPS as a community is that everyone appears to have their own problems, but we pull together to have fun and keep this great community alive. I want to help with this in any way that I can!

I love cooking, tormenting Egon with moonspeak, and generally just hanging out in voice chats while gaming or reading a good book. Writing is my biggest passion, preferably with someone cute as my writing desk. Cosplay and kink are awesome, put them together with good food and you have my idea of heaven.

Likes: MMORPG/survival/horror/strategy games, fantasy and sci-fi books, kinky bunny girls, my hentai buddy Ryry, maid uniforms, sashimi.

Dislikes: Anyone who is mean to Twinny, anyone who hits on Holy God Younglian, pedos, the sun.