Greetings earthlings,

As was so graciously mentioned by our friendly neighbourhood ginger protagonist, I am RyRy. An 18 year old dutch prick with a specialty of chronic masturbation, some would call it a problem but I am proud of the strength in my one arm and nothing will take that from me. If by any chance you were present on the s9 server, the only server I have been on thus far, you may know me as Ryhoorn. If you do: welcome back! If you don't: still welcome back! If you don't care and just want me to shut the fuck up: why are you even still reading this? Go do something better with your life, solve world peace or world hunger or whatever. Either way I found TRPS through a voting site and never left. As I'm sure you've heard said before and as cheesy as it may sound it feels like a family, yeah it actually does to me that's not just something to say to make you want to join, though if it does I suppose that also helps. As you can probably also tell by this here blog I am a part of staff, more precisely community staff, bio staff, and plot staff. (Professional Masturbator is more of a title of honor(or dishonor)) How this staffing goes is still yet to be seen but I'm comfident(no I'm not but I'll try my best) things will work out. Thus far I have not done awfully much in help with the site, being around, gathering notes into easy files to help mister protagonist with the site and mythos, brainstorming ideas, being a general nuisance, those fun things and maybe more things I've forgotten. My hobbies include things like the aforementioned masturbating, (badly)playing guitar, gaming, roleplaying, being a general nuisance, fun stuff again. I would talk about how I got back to the site after the hiatus but that would mean telling you all about how I basically stalked the Eggoman, got a bit mixed into a community he led through our very own milk production mistress so he couldn't really send me away, and so stuck to this development cycle, again, fun stuff, for me at least, if it isn't for you I again would prompt you to stop reading, if it is fun I would also prompt you to stop reading as this is the end of my profile thing and I have a tough time finishing these things up.

I wish you all the best(Except if you're here to be a dick or something in which case I would not wish you the best at all)