Hi all, Wysail's here! You wanted me to introduce myself? Let's all sit around and see what I can come up with, shall we?

First off, I'm from this beautiful country called Canada. Better yet, I'm a french canadian from the weirdest part of all, Quebec! So yeah, I'm from a mid-sized town I guess? I don't know , approximatly 80 000 pop.

My name, as you all probably figured already is not Wysail. Seriously? No. It not Tharil either. My real name would be David, but you can continue calling me Wysail. I was born on the Good O'l 1988. Wich would make me almost 30 years old! Holy crap. If you are reading this before June 2018, I'm a soon to be father of a beautiful son named Lucas. If you are reading this after June 2018, I guess I'm now the father of a diabolic child known as Lucas who don't care if we are trying to sleep at night! Sorry.

On a personal note, I've always like to do roller skating, I've been doing judo for the most part of my life but can't do it anymore because of my shoulder that failed me. I like to drink beer coming from different micro-brewery all over the Province of Quebec.

Academic wise, I studied to become a car mechanic when I finished High School, 13 years ago. It took me two years to drop out, and start working in what would be my actual juob, Construction worker. So yeah, I build commercial building and such.

I hear you say, Shut up already! And tell us about your time on TRPS! Aye Aye calm down and I'll tell you.

I first joined on the 8th version of Delanith if I remember correctly. I was a foolish young man trying to roleplay in a language that wasn't his. But my time on this server did not last long as an unfortunate event happened IRL so I just forgot about it for a time. Eventually they resetted the server, and thus came de 9th version of Delanith. From there, I roleplayed a bit but quickly started running vote incentives even if I was not part of the staff. I would make people remember to vote every day so the site climb on top the Voting sites. Eventually, I would become part of the Comm Staff, organizing Contest and events of all kind. But my true passion would always be the recruitment and the votes. Later on, I'd become part of the Plot staff, due to a shortage of Plot staffer. It didn't last very long, not only because I wasn't really good at it, but also because my Job didn't allow me to be online quite as often as I'd have liked at the moment. Then came the fatal moment of the shut down.

For a year, I'd be looking from time to time to see if the site would have reopened, with no luck. Then after a while I sent a message to Egon, taking news of the site yes, but from him too. Seeing my interest, he asked me to join in again, to prepare the rebirth Delanith.

So, when the site is up and running again, I'll be there, cheering up the crowd as a Comm Staff. We have much to offer you. You'll probably hear my voice again sooner than later! But I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you how.

Look at the time! It goes so fast. Now, get up and tell the good News, TheRoleplaySite is coming back!