Meet the Staff: Wysail




Hi all, Wysail's here! You wanted me to introduce myself? Let's all sit around and see what I can come up with, shall we?

First off, I'm from this beautiful country called Canada. Better yet, I'm a french canadian from the weirdest part of all, Quebec! So yeah, I'm from a mid-sized town I guess? I don't know , approximatly 80 000 pop.

My name, as you all probably figured already is not Wysail. Seriously? No. It not Tharil either. My real name would be David, but you can continue calling me Wysail. I was born on the Good O'l 1988. Wich would make me almost 30 years old! Holy crap. If you are reading this before June 2018, I'm a soon to be father of a beautiful son named Lucas. If you are reading this after June 2018, I guess I'm now the father of a diabolic child known as Lucas who don't care if we are trying to sleep at night! Sorry.

On a personal note, I've always like to do roller skating, I've been doing judo for the most part of my life but can't do it anymore because of my shoulder that failed me. I like to drink beer coming from different micro-brewery all over the Province of Quebec.

Academic wise, I studied to become a car mechanic when I finished High School, 13 years ago. It took me two years to drop out, and start working in what would be my actual juob, Construction worker. So yeah, I build commercial building and such.

I hear you say, Shut up already! And tell us about your time on TRPS! Aye Aye calm down and I'll tell you.

I first joined on the 8th version of Delanith if I remember correctly. I was a foolish young man trying to roleplay in a language that wasn't his. But my time on this server did not last long as an unfortunate event happened IRL so I just forgot about it for a time. Eventually they resetted the server, and thus came de 9th version of Delanith. From there, I roleplayed a bit but quickly started running vote incentives even if I was not part of the staff. I would make people remember to vote every day so the site climb on top the Voting sites. Eventually, I would become part of the Comm Staff, organizing Contest and events of all kind. But my true passion would always be the recruitment and the votes. Later on, I'd become part of the Plot staff, due to a shortage of Plot staffer. It didn't last very long, not only because I wasn't really good at it, but also because my Job didn't allow me to be online quite as often as I'd have liked at the moment. Then came the fatal moment of the shut down.

For a year, I'd be looking from time to time to see if the site would have reopened, with no luck. Then after a while I sent a message to Egon, taking news of the site yes, but from him too. Seeing my interest, he asked me to join in again, to prepare the rebirth Delanith.

So, when the site is up and running again, I'll be there, cheering up the crowd as a Comm Staff. We have much to offer you. You'll probably hear my voice again sooner than later! But I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you how.

Look at the time! It goes so fast. Now, get up and tell the good News, TheRoleplaySite is coming back!

Meet the Staff: RyRy




Greetings earthlings,

As was so graciously mentioned by our friendly neighbourhood ginger protagonist, I am RyRy. An 18 year old dutch prick with a specialty of chronic masturbation, some would call it a problem but I am proud of the strength in my one arm and nothing will take that from me. If by any chance you were present on the s9 server, the only server I have been on thus far, you may know me as Ryhoorn. If you do: welcome back! If you don't: still welcome back! If you don't care and just want me to shut the fuck up: why are you even still reading this? Go do something better with your life, solve world peace or world hunger or whatever. Either way I found TRPS through a voting site and never left. As I'm sure you've heard said before and as cheesy as it may sound it feels like a family, yeah it actually does to me that's not just something to say to make you want to join, though if it does I suppose that also helps. As you can probably also tell by this here blog I am a part of staff, more precisely community staff, bio staff, and plot staff. (Professional Masturbator is more of a title of honor(or dishonor)) How this staffing goes is still yet to be seen but I'm comfident(no I'm not but I'll try my best) things will work out. Thus far I have not done awfully much in help with the site, being around, gathering notes into easy files to help mister protagonist with the site and mythos, brainstorming ideas, being a general nuisance, those fun things and maybe more things I've forgotten. My hobbies include things like the aforementioned masturbating, (badly)playing guitar, gaming, roleplaying, being a general nuisance, fun stuff again. I would talk about how I got back to the site after the hiatus but that would mean telling you all about how I basically stalked the Eggoman, got a bit mixed into a community he led through our very own milk production mistress so he couldn't really send me away, and so stuck to this development cycle, again, fun stuff, for me at least, if it isn't for you I again would prompt you to stop reading, if it is fun I would also prompt you to stop reading as this is the end of my profile thing and I have a tough time finishing these things up.

I wish you all the best(Except if you're here to be a dick or something in which case I would not wish you the best at all)


Fallen Reapers


The Forsaken Curse of Fallen Reapers.
By an Anonymous Fallen Reaper.


I am a Fallen Reaper. You will never know who I am, or be able to tell one of us from the rest of you, unless we want you to that is. We are for all extents and purposes human or some other equivalent race. I personally am in a human form, but really Fallen Reapers can appear as any race it depends most on how we fell. However we used to be more, and that's what makes us different.

That fear of death, that panic that clutches you in your final moments. I used to bring that. Reapers are a brilliant beautiful race created by Death himself in order to bring you into the afterlife. They exist beyond space and time, and unless you are a very gifted individual or on the brink of death you will never see them. Reapers are to be emotionless and guide souls where they belong without any personal feelings or emotions. They are supposed to be no more than tools created for a singular purpose bringing souls where they belong by a lazy father who can’t do his job by himself. However existing and coming into such close contact with humanity for so long can cause Reapers to start to feel things and emote. Eventually a Reaper might make a simple mistake like falling in love, or sparing someone from a fate they don’t think they deserve. Once this happens they are no longer a useful tool, in Death’s eyes they have broken, and what do you do with a broken tool you ask? You throw it away. That’s what we are, our fathers broken tools cast away to earth to live as the creatures we spared.

We are stripped of our immortality, put in a vessel of meat, and cast to live at the creatures we valued more than our creator. When we die another reaper will come take us to the afterlife. But as the biggest fuck you from death possible most of us retain the ability to see our Reaper brethren. Life as a Fallen Reaper can be a truly cursed existence. I’ll use myself as an example here.

I was a young reaper only a few thousand years old, however I encountered a mortal girl who didn’t react in fear toward me. Instead she showed interest thinking that death would be better than the life she lived. My heart was instantly captivated and it felt like it was beating for the first time truly. To meet such a poor and broken girl that had lived through such absolute hardships that me, a reaper, seemed like the best alternative. Yet she not only treated me with kindness, but by reviewing her life I learned she died from starvation allowing the other slaves around her to have her portion of food because they were more sickly than her. I couldn’t understand a world where my father would just let her die and with my power I changed her fate. I didn’t Reap her but allowed her to continue living and stole her away from the shop she was kept as a slave and set her free.

Death seeing this cast me out, stripping me of my immortality, and putting me in this human meat suit the second she was safe in another city. A fellow Reaper arrived looking at me like I was worse than scum and gave me a shoppers card and some clothes as a final goodbye and then left.

I decided I would settle down and live out my human life with the girl I fell for and loved but in less than a year she had moved on and wouldn’t even speak to me anymore. I fell for nothing and learned how fleeting human life and emotions can be. Now I’m stuck here living out a hollow life remembering the glory of what is was like in my Father’s realm. Not feeling hungry or sad just existing as a being above all this. I can’t help but regret my decisions and curse my asshole of a creator who would cast me out over something so simple. I want nothing more for him to realize I have changed but he will not listen. Even when I kill and kill the mortals around me to get his attention the other reapers he sends just look at me with scorn and the coward won’t come face me himself. But I know the truth when a Fallen Reaper dies death has to come collect them himself. So if I kill enough odds are I’ll find another Fallen Reaper and when death comes I’ll prove to him I’m able to Reap again with all of the souls I’ve killed so far. He’ll have to take me back.

He will have to take me back.

Or I’ll reap him too.



Tips for Fallen Reapers

Fallen Reapers can fall for a lot of different reasons.
Not all reapers are crazy murderers some value life I just wanted to have fun with my example.
Being able to see Reapers is a minor ability that can be taken at character creation by Fallen Reapers and other races alike. However if you aren’t a Fallen Reaper you’ll probably be asked why you can see them by your bio reviewer.
Most reapers fear death, as they don’t know what will happen to them as they were created by Death and aren’t normally mortal souls. They have also seen the pain and suffering of death first hand many times.

Final Notes:
As always please remember that none of these things are set in stone and are colored by the perspectives of the characters in the world. Please feel free to make things your own. If nothing here fits or goes against the goals of your character you always have the void to bring in your homebrew. The only thing that’s off limits is playing an actual Reaper. Because they exist on another plain and have more abilities they are not open for players to play sorry. This race was unlocked by Dugar, Mahogony, RogueDruid, Hollow Assassin, Coconut Wizard, Luminata, Macheman, Petro, Craer, Vaktor, Egon, Roitan, coldtom, PineCat, Night, EventideAdventuress, ObsceneChicken, Chandon, Silverpeppef, Pheonix, Hunty, SpartanNumber029, and RaphaelofTheDarkness during the S8 Milk run. Enjoy the world and explore guys

Meet the Staff: Jay



Jay is just this guy. No matter how hard he tries to be special, it turns out he’s just this normal, run of the mill, married working man.

Really, he’s tried really hard. He’s a published songwriter, an award winning filmmaker, a podcast host, and a children’s celebrity in Korea. (Really, these are all true stories. Just ask him.) But no one wants to pay him enough to quit his day job.

What’s a boy to do, except work all day teaching seniors how to use phones. Whatever pays the bills, am I right?

Jay’s creative spirit led him to an interest in role playing, and TRPS came along at just the right time. Jay really enjoyed running city plot for Old Discord in s9, and he’s excited to kill all of your characters in this new iteration!

Meet the Staff: Emrinne




Hey guys, I'm Emmy/Emrinne/Em.
I'm the community admin and Egon's good twin. I got the dick, he got the boobs ... or was that the other way around?

TRPS is new to me, Egon has been catching me up over the past year or so while we were managing a community together. Some people there are still convinced that we are in fact the same person, even though I am way cooler. Afterwards they often mistake me for the evil twin, until I break out the whip and chains, then they die from pleasure.

Joking aside, I like to help people and have a very diplomat-type personality. One thing I really admire about TRPS as a community is that everyone appears to have their own problems, but we pull together to have fun and keep this great community alive. I want to help with this in any way that I can!

I love cooking, tormenting Egon with moonspeak, and generally just hanging out in voice chats while gaming or reading a good book. Writing is my biggest passion, preferably with someone cute as my writing desk. Cosplay and kink are awesome, put them together with good food and you have my idea of heaven.

Likes: MMORPG/survival/horror/strategy games, fantasy and sci-fi books, kinky bunny girls, my hentai buddy Ryry, maid uniforms, sashimi.

Dislikes: Anyone who is mean to Twinny, anyone who hits on Holy God Younglian, pedos, the sun.

An Exploration of Caleb's Woods


Explorers Log 29

An Exploration of Caleb’s Woods

By Gerald Daniels

Today I’m diving deep into one of the densest forests in all of Delanith. It’s called Caleb’s Woods. It’s quite the mysterious name when you think about it. Who is this bloke Caleb and why did they name a woods after the fella. I’ve heard tell in some of the older villages on the outskirts of the woods they have different names for it and that Caleb’s woods isn’t its true name. They also warned me against going too deep, so what do those yokels know.

Anyway fellas let me tell you, these woods are thick. On the outskirts there’s signs of light hunting from the surrounding villages but there's still an overabundance of monsters around here. Like we are talking monsterpalooza of some of the most fascinating creatures you could imagine. Oddly they don’t seem as hostile and more surprised to see me. Heck I’m pretty sure at one point I interrupted a few Bunnys playin poker with a dropbear and a pig in a wizard hat. I mean I haven’t been drinkin much but what the hell? How is that possible? But I’m getting off topic.

When your entering the outskirts of Caleb’s woods it seems to be mostly younger trees, getting progressively taller, older, and more massive as you move toward the center. In the outskirts sunlight can still filter down on you, but as you get deeper and deeper the grass slowly disappears as does the light and your stuck climbing over tree roots and dead and dried leaves in utter darkness as monsters roam around you. Occasionally you’ll find the odd clearing with beautiful springs untouched by men for many years but they tend to be defended by powerful monsters. And occasionally you’ll come across bits where it seemed like a forest fire raged but was put out mysteriously before any real damage could occur. It made me consider starting a fire to see what would happen. But the moment I drew out my flint steel and bent down I was rushed by an angry dropbear out of nowhere. I took it as a sign and gave up my attempts.

I’m a bit of a monster connoisseur however I was seein critters I had never heard of before deep in those woods. As I got deeper and deeper it got quieter and quieter and I started to feel like something more intelligent than your common monsters were watching me and slowly the attacks on me stopped as long as I kept in a single direction. If I tried to turn toward the left of my position at any time I’d very quickly be attacked by powerful monsters that pushed me back as I had to flee from them in fear. However eventually after a long trip I managed to make it to what felt like the center of the woods and before me was a tree bigger than any skyscraper in Discord City.

It took me ten minutes just to circle the base of this tree that towered over me in a way that made me feel truly insignificant. So I did what any man in this case would do and drew my axe and tried to fell that bloody massive tree. However despite my strength and the strength of my axe even with a few brews in me to dull the pain in my hands I couldn’t lay a damn scratch on the forkin thing. Not only that when I unleashed one of my most powerful abilities it just made a dull thud like the forkin thing was hollow. How could a bloody massive forkin tree be hollow inside. I made camp at the base of it for the the night and throughout the night I had nightmares of being trapped in the woods forever. In the morning when I woke up it felt like I was being watched something fierce and I could have sworn I heard the tree moan in pain so I got my ass out of those creepy ass woods as fast as I could and it had nothing to do with the fact I somehow ran out of beer. Anyway the way out was oddly easy as if the forest itself wanted me the hell out. I was barely attacked and it took me a third of the time to get out as it did to fight my way in.

On my way out the village I stopped in for the night seemed really surprised to see me again. I quickly replenished my liquid courage but for the life of me couldn’t get up the energy to make a second trip in. As I approached the border of the forest it seemed like the woods themselves were watching me and the path I came back on seemed to have vanished.

If you ever intend upon attempting to explore this village I recommend you bring a good reliable source of light, a group of friends to protect each other, your best gear, and of course a lot of beer.

As always this has been Gerald Daniels exploring the weird parts of the world so you don’t have to.

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